RCA composite cable for Raspberry Pi -Solved Problem

Converting your old CRT TV to a Raspberry Pie display is matter of great excitement. Raspberry Pi comes with many OS such as Raspbian OS, Retro Gaming OS-"Retropie", Media Centre OS-"OSMC" etc are helping getting good User experience.

When it comes to Old CRT TV they don't have in-built HDMI ports Instead they have AV ports. You might have seen AV cable between your set-up box and TV.

  • To play via R-Pi you need HDMI to AV converter (expensive and not discussed here)
    • RCA and AV composite cable
    What problem arises!!!
    There is bit difference between pin configuration on Raspberry Pi and other devices. This has been shown below.

    So it is clear that the pin "video" and "ground"on 3.5mm jack is interchanged in case of RPi. To solve this you should buy RPi specified cables or DIY a female connector like me. So needed item are:
    • AV female pins
    • 3.5mm RCA pin
    • wires and soldering material
    Solder the wire according to the given figure below.
    The out come looks like this.

    Plug it to your TV and enjoy gaming and media like never before. Humming sound may arises due to interference.
    **In OSMC OS goto setting and find Audio output option, there change the option to AV mode, then you will find zero noise or humming sound.
    **You can buy readily modified cables at adafruit here thelink.
    ##Thank you##

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    1. I saw a video on YouTube https://youtu.be/YHxrnVOl0b4
      He explains you can solder a rca video output to the board. I'm thinking I will do this and cut/desolder the video circuit from the av plug. I want to use the rasp pi to output audio to a remote speaker but be able to hook rca video feed to radio in my work truck which has a backup camera option. I'm hoping to make it into a SDR scanner. That is if I get it working :) I haven't even got it in the mail yet, and I have no Linux experience. Wish me luck!