Codes for adding letters to 8X5 leds

Codes for Adding letters to 8X5 LEDs

From the last blog we have written codes to On/Off a LED individually. So here I gonna explain how to display letters on leds.
The trick is simple and that is by blinking a LED each time. The speed is so fast that it appears that all LEDs are ON at same time.

I have used the alphabet patterns or you can say fonts as similar to 16x2 LCD display. So letters will be in 7X5 LEDs matrix.

So you can blink LEDs row wise(rows first) or column wise. here shows how can you blink LEDs one by one.
Code for Writing 'G' is given below:
void Gi()
 int a=timel;//duration for which letter will be displayed
 while( a > 0){
 onled(1,2); onled(1,3); onled(1,4);
 onled(2,1); onled(2,5);
 onled(4,1); onled(4,3); onled(4,4); onled(4,5);
 onled(5,1); onled(5,5);
 onled(6,1); onled(6,5);
 onled(7,2); onled(7,3); onled(7,4); onled(7,5);
This code can be used in the last blog I posted using as a function.

For the complete code click on link... and thanks for visiting.

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