Portable emergency mobile charger

Portable emergency mobile charger

KISS is a better way to build things. I mean Keep It Simple Stupid(KISS). In this post I will build a simple Mobile charger using a DC geared motor.

Things you needed:

1. DC geared motor(100 or 150 rpm)
2. 5V voltage regulator(7805 IC)
3. USB female connector

Tools: soldering things, hot glue gun, wires, plastic case


When the shaft of dc motor is rotated at suitable speed it generate about 5-12 V. The voltage regulator here works as constant voltage source to mobile device as mobile and many other electronic devices run at contant 5V DC. So any unwanted higher value is cut off by 7805 IC.


1. make the connections
2. make place for the motor
3. make place for usb_female and stick it with hot glue.

4. build a handle for rotating the shaft
5. Finally bring all together and test if your phone charges.

Thank you for reading this blog. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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