How to burnt Arduino and repaired it.

It is quite harsh and sad if your arduino stops working. It a heart breaking experience because it's your project's heart. I am discussing how one can burnt arduino.
Can it be repairable !!! Yes or No?? and if yes HOW!!!

How to break/burn/damage Arduino.

1. Overvoltage 

Though arduino have voltage regulator it works between 5-20V and 7-12 V be the desirable ones. Giving more than that is risky.

2. Shorting Input/output pins or overvoltage them.

     I was once working with a motor driver circuit and one of 12v terminal got connected with input and that damage the AtMega328 IC. Later I was able to replace that one and made my arduino work again.From my experience I suggest that you never short you input or put high volts through them.

3. Unwanted connections

     Recently I damaged my arduino by an unconventional way that is unrepairable. I had a open wire of 12v that came contact with 6pins of FDTI (don't know particular).So this result in damaging the FDTI permanently and the arduino board is shorted. Atmega chip was damaged and when I tried replacing it with another chip....I lost both of them. I have no idea how to repair.

4. Over load operations 

     Another case its not damaged actually,it happen when u tried to switch on and after working a bit it stop suddenly. It may be the supply isn't up to the demand of load connected to arduino. This can be resolved using power source having more ampere power.

So up above are the cases one can damage arduino. Now its repairing time.
Make sure if it is repairable...
First remove the atmega chip from board. For nano,mega and other non removable chip users...RIP...
For UNO users remove it. Then plug it up and see if the led of rx/tx and pin-13 blink once or more. If yes then your board is healthy. Replace the Atmega chip with new one with arduino UNO bootloader. It is available in online shopping sites. Most of the Atmega 328 used in arduino comes with uno bootloader. If you can't get a chip I can help you in later blog if I have any requests.
If the leds don't blink, or stays on..your board is damaged... RIP...
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