First Blink Arduino ;)


Before starting I can say that I am a beginner in Arduino Projects but I am quite fascinated about all these stuffs.

"" --This is the official website that will be helpful to you if you want to learn all kind of arduino stuffs.

Arduino Uno R3
Before start we need to have following things.

1- Arduino Uno Board(or any other arduino board may      be helpful)
2- Serial cable uno-PC connector
3- led (or there is an in built led in the board        itself)
4- Arduino ide software(download link

It is the simplest code for the beginner to begin with.

-Install the arduino ide software, its free but you may donate if you have a lot of money.

-Then connect the arduino to the PC using the cable.the PC will detect the Arduino uno if you are using win7 or more. For xp or less users you may install the drivers.

-then open the software open file>examples>basic>blink
-compile the code.
-open tools>board>arduino UNO(or any other board you are using)
-open tools>ports>"com 3"(or any other port that arduino is connected)
- then dump or Upload the code using "=>" right arrow key on the top.
-Wait till the code is Uploaded.
- Finally you can see a small light blinking on the board.

You have done your first arduino code.
And many more to come.

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